Finest Opportunities To Make Use of in BPM Now

BPM is an approach that includes methods, techniques and tools that support the entire lifecycle of business processes from identification, analysis and modeling to their launching into production, actual use and removal from service. BPM represents a summary between BPR, Six Sigma and TQM developments on one hand and the technological developments resulting from the classical approaches

Are the results of the measurements being analyzed to ensure a continuous optimization of the organizational processes?

These are the key questions that organizations that want to streamline their organizational processes need to respond every day. Given that so many organizations are evolving or making mistakes based on the performance of their organizational processes, it is still surprising that manual processes as well as those unfolding in a deeply subjective and immeasurable manner are still so common. As you will know more about business process management you will be able to understand the best now.

The ultimate goal is to create efficient and automated processes that align with the company’s goals – increased sales, increased customer satisfaction, shorter pay cycles, low error rates and low costs.

The Advisory team has a long experience in improving the performance of organizational processes, such as:

  • Customer Relationship: Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Logistics: merchandise distribution
  • Financial: Billing and Accounting, O2C
  • Supplier Management

Centralized operation of operations

We understand how it is necessary to develop and implement practical solutions that increase the performance of your processes. By assessing the Company’s current situation and capabilities, issuing recommendations for improvement, and establishing effective organizational structures, our BPM solutions lead to increased long-term performance.

The specific services we can offer in this area are:

Analysis and evaluation of current processes

  • Redesigning processes to eliminate redundancies and activities that do not add value
  • Analyzing the differences between the current and the desired situation
  • Defining some parameters for monitoring the efficiency of processes
  • Process governance

Risk management involved in organizational processes

Our approach is a complete one that takes into account the strategy of the companies we work with and how each business process adds value to the organization.

The Simple Business system developed using the Software as a Service technology, allows you to manage customer relationships at all stages of an organization’s communication with a customer. Storing all the information about customer requests, accounting of invoices for payment allows you to create a specific customer profile and use this data in the future for planning marketing activities.

How to succeed a BPM project?

BPM projects are not just for large companies. SMEs and small businesses also find their interest in setting up a BPM project.Count from a few weeks to a maximum of six months to deploy a powerful BPM project in your company.

Everyone involved in a process is notified as soon as an employee initiates the process. Italso serves as a monitoring tool to monitor the activity of employees.

The solution is accessible from anywhere from a computer, tablet or smartphone. It requires no technical knowledge thanks to an intuitive drawing tool. Business teams only have to fill out dynamic forms so that processes meet everyone’s needs.

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