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VR games in the very source of their own formation and the best mechanics to move in the fun did not work out: most of the shooters use teleportation movement. Obviously, according to the data in foreign websites, this is done with-because of this, the fact that the soft movement causes nausea among numerous users. In an individual experiment, I can note that there are unusual feelings only in the first period, then it is absolutely comfortable, so that everything would really be desirable to have the likelihood of selection (in some virtual reality games, there is a beloved). What is this me? The first in our list is equal to the one time shooter with the first person of Arizona Sunshine, which is available only for the purpose of VR. The content is as simple as possible: zombie doomsday, clear State. It is necessary to shoot the zombies and not to be swallowed, perhaps as well as without the help of others, in this way and with friends in bonds. Very nice video graphics, black comic and a lot of interactivity (right up until the conditional eating cutlets) will surely amuse you.

Immersion in the conditional reality makes a huge representation in the face of a completely independent from the tail or a year. This is something absolutely new, unusual and periodically amazing presentation. In certain factors, the image is so realistic that the understanding turned out to be so attracted to what is happening, that the head proceeds to follow the range on the legs at the conventional mountain. The advantage of this is a completely new and unusual type of interaction with the design, if I can see in no way a direct illustration on the screen, but a volumetric society about myself. Instead of the usual labor table, I move to the so-called Entry of Hybrid Reality, which suggests with my imaginary dwelling in the oceanfront of Cliff House, in which it is possible to move all interior objects without exception according to our desire and to complement the newest ones. Of course, there is no need to let out, that Windows Mixed Reality (Hybrid Reality) is not just a conventional image, but also the probability of combining it with reality.

For investors and game creators, this is as long as the newest, weakly reliable society, in which place there is a colossal place for research. Previously there are a large number of exciting and exciting virtual reality games and their number will increase at a high rate. Large studios with their own AAA programs are catching up, as are Minecraft, DOOM VFR, Fallout 4 VR or L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files.

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